Boxer Health Strategies helps you and your company find innovative solutions to the most difficult challenges in the healthcare industry.


Our Pragmatic Solutions

We have successfully worked with technology companies, national politicians, and medical device manufacturers.

Boxer Health Strategies navigates through the potential obstacles of the Affordable Care Act. Our experience in understanding disruptive innovations in healthcare provides opportunities to progressive companies.  Our decades of experience in providing health care and recruiting, managing, credentialing doctor networks with measurable metrics of quality assurance, education, evidence-based guidelines delivers excellence and immunizes against regulatory scrutiny.

Case Studies

An Experienced Team

Our team has nearly 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry managing medical practices, working with politicians, and building tech companies.

Richard Boxer is the founder and managing partner of Boxer Health Strategies.  Richard has nearly 35 years of leadership and success in the healthcare industry.  He brings an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to solve each client's unique problems.  In addition to Richard, you will have access to a long list of advisors and leaders in the healthcare industry whom Richard has worked with throughout his career in medicine, politics, and the healthcare industry.

The Team


A Thought Leader

Our opinion in the healthcare industry matters.  


Richard Boxer has published 60+ articles in medical journals, written 14 book chapters, has spoken at hundreds of healthcare events and has been the keynote speaker at over 45 major events around the world. Richard is an Associate Editor of The ASCO Post  and performs editorial reviews to 4 health journal.

As a leader in the Telemedicine Industry, Richard has contributed to over 125 formal guidelines of the industry and presented to state legislatures and regulatory agencies across the country, to Congress and to leaders in the the White House.

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